Olivia’s journey into the world of marine biology and conservation began at Falmouth Marine School and Plymouth University, where she immersed herself in the study of marine biology, oceanography, environmental science, and conservation. Driven by a deep love for the ocean and its inhabitants, she decided to dedicate her life to protecting our planet’s precious marine ecosystems.

Fuelled by her passion for conservation, Olivia achieved her PADI Open Water certification and Seiche Marine Mammal Observer (MMO) qualification. Her journey took her to the Galápagos Islands, where she played a crucial role in preserving native species. Olivia spent her days monitoring sea lions and frigate birds, replanting mangrove forests to combat coastal erosion, and contributing to the giant tortoise conservation project. She also tackled the human impact on this pristine environment through proactive beach clean-ups.

Olivia’s dedication to the planet doesn’t stop there. More recently, she has taken on the role of a guided safari tour educator, sharing her knowledge and igniting a passion for species conservation in the hearts of the public. Through captivating storytelling and hands-on experiences, Olivia inspires others to join the conservation movement.

This summer, Olivia is thrilled to be leading our Folkestone Conservation Champions project. She will be working closely with local school children, guiding them through exciting and educational activities that highlight the importance of the circular economy. From kayaking adventures to beach clean-ups to designing new recyclable products, Olivia’s expertise and enthusiasm will empower the next generation to make a positive impact on our oceans.

Here’s a fun fact: Olivia absolutely loves sharks! Her fascination with these magnificent creatures fuels her commitment to marine conservation. She is dedicated to changing the often misunderstood perception of sharks and educating others about their crucial role in maintaining the balance of marine ecosystems.

When she’s not on a conservation mission, Olivia loves to travel and capture the beauty of the natural world through her lens. Always ready for a challenge, she embodies the spirit of adventure and the drive to make a positive impact.