Mike, Co-Founder of Oceanic Escapes, is a Dutch expat with over 25 years of living on various continents and has always been captivated by the ocean. As an avid diver, Mike has navigated towards remote locations to explore the underwater world – from the Galápagos Islands to The Maldives, Caribbean and South-East Asia.

In The Maldives, confronted with ghost nets, plastic debris and the inevitably affected marine life such as turtles, Mike was also introduced to the scientific approach for environmental projects and expeditions.

Oceanic Escapes and its Yacht Charter Indonesia platform by extension, take absolute pride in presenting the ultimate culmination of privacy, luxury, and freedom offered by chartered yacht.

With his years of experience in and on the blue, Mike looks forward to supporting the team here at Big Blue Foundation in our mission to reverse biodiversity loss in our oceans.