Howard’s undersea addiction began 30 years ago during a SCUBA diving course in The Red Sea. Descending into a world of teeming marine life and kaleidoscopic coral reefs was a transformational experience that altered the path of his life.

In 2007 he ventured to Fiji as a project volunteer, an experience that ignited a passion for community-based marine conservation. After two more trips to Fiji, in 2009 he took the pivotal step of leaving the UK to settle there and become a research diver. Over the next four years he developed partnerships with local communities, academia, and government departments and was part of a team that implemented the first Marine Mammal Protected Area (MMPA) in the Pacific. This led to further conservation collaborations in Western Australia, Madagascar and Papua New Guinea.

Howard’s main mentor in Fiji was Dr. Cara Miller, a Cetacean Researcher and University Professor. Almost 10 years after they last worked together on the Fiji MMPA project, they rekindled their friendship in 2019 to discuss a Humpback whale research initiative in The Kingdom of Tonga. The emergence of the newly-branded flu’ virus in 2020 sadly put paid to their new venture and instead, he travelled to Cabo Verde to volunteer for three months on a Humpback whale survey expedition. 

That experience gave Howard the idea to sell his fitness business and work once again in marine conservation. Since 2022 he has met and collaborated with many inspirational and supportive people. Some of them playing a crucial role in the development of Big Blue Foundation. You can find some of these folks in the pages of this website and he will never be able to thank them enough for the positive impact that they continue to have on his life and on the growth of the Foundation.