Big Blue Rising Stars Internship Programme

Today’s young minds are tomorrow’s innovators and decision makers, destined to become the guardians of our magnificent blue planet. Central to our mission is our Big Blue Rising Stars Internship Programme, a cornerstone initiative aimed at inspiring and supporting those who will lead the charge in preserving the health of our ocean. We are deeply committed to the next generation of conservationists and envision a world where every young person has the chance to rise and contribute to our shared environmental heritage, irrespective of nationality or socioeconomic status.

We act as a bridge that connects eager minds to fulfilling careers in marine research and conservation. Our Rising Stars Internship Programme is testament to our belief that young adults will fuel innovation and resilience in the face of growing environmental challenges. We are recruiting students, recent graduates and young professionals from international backgrounds who are eager to make a positive impact on our oceans and have a strong interest in community-based conservation and innovative technology.

These new leaders receive mentorship, education, and hands-on experience with the goal of returning to their communities empowered with the knowledge and skills to enact local and global change. Training under the guidance of renowned experts in the fields of marine research, engineering and design technology, our Rising Stars cultivate their skills by engaging in hands-on collaborative projects with our partners. They gain invaluable insights into the issues that impact complex marine ecosystems and hone their understanding of the balance between preservation and innovation. They are integral to our success and as catalysts for change, they are able to employ the latest technologies to find solutions to some of the biggest environmental issues impacting our oceans. Together, they enable us to protect our oceans, guarantee food security and preserve biodiversity for generations to come. 

Our very first Rising Star, Design Engineering student Eleanor, completed her plastics recycling internship at VIVALab in Portugal earlier this year and has gone on to head up R&D for a sustainable energy startup. So no matter where you hail from, if you’re keen to learn and eager to come up with innovative solutions to some of the biggest environmental threats facing our ocean today, we will be announcing new Rising Stars opportunities soon!