Maio Biodiversity Foundation

FMB is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation in Maio island, Cabo Verde. Our main objectives are: i) the conservation, enhancement and responsible management of natural resources and biodiversity, particularly in protected areas, ii) the promotion of sustainable development, respecting the historical and cultural heritage of Maio and iii) the promotion of economic alternatives that ensure respect for the environment and benefit the local communities and the most vulnerable groups, with particular focus on women and young people. 

Maio is an example in Cabo Verde, and in the world, of “djunta mon,” which means that we work to achieve community-based conservation and development based on respect for local culture and gender equality.

In collaboration with Big Blue Foundation, we will be able to empower the program ‘Guardians of the Sea’, which started in 2016 as an FMB initiative and it is now an international program, by benefiting artisanal fishers engaged in the marine conservation of Cabo Verde through capacity building, experience exchange, and welfare and safety equipment.