AIRDAT provides trusted, world leading airport systems, training & consultancy services to international and regional airports across the globe. Our cloud based systems support the management of training, assurance, compliance, fleet and auditing, providing airport safety systems & services to improve safety & compliance standards, minimise incidents, streamline processes and reduce operational costs.

Formed in 2006, AIRDAT was created specifically to assist with the improvement of the Airside Driving Scheme at Gatwick Airport in the UK. Since those early beginnings, the team and our products and services have grown and developed, but our simple ethos of making life easier in airport environments still runs deep. With years of aviation experience in the AIRDAT team we consider ourselves as problem solvers. We like to take the laborious and complex and make it quick and simple!

AIRDAT is a certified carbon neutral company working with Positive Planet since 2022 to measure, reduce and offset our carbon emissions. What we do as a company is only the beginning of how we’re reducing our carbon footprint. We’re also committed to helping our airport customers to reduce theirs too. By using AIRDAT systems, wastage is reduced, energy consumption is lowered and natural resources are conserved. We are proud supporters of the Big Blue Foundation as part of our ongoing sustainability and ESG commitment to do what we can to care for our planet.

“Working in an industry which contributes 2.1% of all human-induced carbon dioxide emissions, we felt it was incredibly important that AIRDAT do all it can to help minimise the impact. The oceans generate 50 percent of the oxygen we need and absorb 25 percent of all carbon dioxide emissions. They are the lungs of the planet and a vital buffer against the impacts of climate change. The work of Big Blue Foundation to protect marine biodiversity and improve the health of our oceans was our motivation to support them”

Charles Cardwell CEO & Founder