Invest in a brighter future

A donation to Big Blue Foundation represents an investment in a cleaner, healthier ocean. Your generosity supports determined efforts by our scientists, volunteers and community partners to restore the health and vitality of our ocean.

In recent years, media reporting on the environment has grown increasingly cynical and pessimistic. The result is that many children, (and adults), are suffering from ‘eco-anxiety’, worrying about their future and the the kind of world that they will inherit. Our goal is to counter this pessimistic narrative by highlighting the dedicated conservation efforts of individuals and communities that are offering a beacon of hope in challenging times.

Join a global community

By supporting us you are joining a global community of like-minded, passionate, and resilient individuals who share a common belief in the power of taking action. We view every obstacle as an opportunity, and setbacks as stepping stones to success.

With you by our side we can secure sustainable livelihoods for coastal communities and preserve the equilibrium of our global ecosystem. Together, our actions will guarantee that the world our future generations inherit is one with flourishing oceans and a sustainable, thriving planet.