Oceans produce half of the oxygen we breathe and remove almost a third of all carbon emissions from our atmosphere. They provide food security for almost half the planet’s population, enable global trade worth more than £400 billion, and provide employment for millions of people.

Yet marine life is becoming endangered at an accelerating rate due to pollution, habitat loss, ocean acidification and industrial overfishing. Without significant change, UNESCO predicts more than 50% of the world’s marine species may face extinction by 2100

Our Vision

Thriving oceans for a healthy planet and a prosperous future

Our Mission

To empower a global network of young innovators to find solutions to some of the biggest environmental issues impacting our ocean

Our Values

Free Nature

We will not accept funding from, nor collaborate with, any organisation that keeps cetaceans in captivity.


We will always use local resources where possible to increase capacity and empower communities to help themselves.


We rely on the scientific method and traditional knowledge to guide us in making decisions.


We give voices to those who cannot speak for themselves and hold ourselves accountable to protecting them and securing a sustainable future for them.